Although they have been many attempts to imitate, this dish was invented by Mary Grace and passed down from generation to generation, is the restaurant "dish par excellence" having, among other things, its present notoriety.

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The history of Maria Grazia restaurant has its roots in the Middle Ages, at the time of the Maritime Republics , when the Amalfitan fought against the Arabic for the monopoly on the trade in the Mediterranean area.

At that time the beach of Marina del Cantone was a landing for sailors and a booty for pirates, attracted by the richness and fertility of the area. It was a small village inhabited mostly by fishermen, who treated themselves to snacks in the Chapel that overlooks the beach, just where today you find the restaurant.

La Fondatrice Maria Grazia

The "modern" version of Maria Grazia comes to life in 1901, taking its name from the founder, the mother of the famous Donna Rosa and grandmother of Lello and Andrea, still indefatigable and ubiquitous in the kitchen.

It is therefore the beginning of last century that begins an incredible adventure of a restaurant with great skill and simplicity has become the perfect synthesis of culture and cuisine of that part of the Mediterranean coast at the turn of the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno.


Donna Maria Grazia in the early years of the last century began to build the current identity of the restaurant, including dinners for fishermen and the arrival of the rich and famous, who already appreciate the time between refined cuisine and tradition. The period of the "sweet life", in which Donna Rose was in the role of Queen of the restaurant, has imposed on the national reputation of Maria Grazia, who in 1952 became known thanks to the invention of a dish created just for fun : spaghetti with zucchini.

Since then the children of Donna Rose continues to pursue with passion and dedication to the kitchen, continuing to offer their guests the dishes that have made the history of the restaurant, accompanied by house wines and followed by a cold glass of white wine with sliced peaches, and finally fresh local fruit and sweets for refined palates.